12-Year-Old Monte Scott Repairs Potholes To Help Neighbors

When a good deed goes viral: I’m Alyse Hope and the uplifting news this week is about Monte Scott, a 12-year-old

Muskegon Heights resident, who decided to take matters into his own hands by filling potholes

in his neighborhood.

This act of kindness for his neighbors quickly went viral on social media!

Monte said, “I didn’t want people messing up their cars like my mom did,” Monte says, “because if somebody were to drive down the street and hit a pothole and then would have to pay like $600-700 to get their car fixed, they would be mad.”

He uses dirt from his own backyard, shovels it into a large trash can, and rolls it to the road. 

He has fixed over 15 potholes so far and plans to continue. 

He suggested that workers “tear the whole street up and use concrete” to fill the holes. “It might cost more, but it’ll last longer.”

He was recently honored by the Muskegon Heights City Council for his efforts.

During the Council meeting, Muskegon Heights Mayor Kimberley Sims presented Monte with a plaque from herself and the Council members, as well as a series of paintings from Carl Carter, a nationally renowned artist.

Monte you are a perfect example of what “self-starter” truly means!

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