Business Casual With A Twist!

What is Business Casual For Women?

Ideally in the work industry, business casual is considered to be slacks (pants that are not jeans) a nice button down, blouse (no crops, t-shirts or cotton tank tops), dress or a skirt. Some of the popular “dress code” combinations include a blazer, a nice blouse, button down, cardigan, black slacks, skirt or a dress that’s about knee length or longer.

However, depending on what industry you are in, some offices will allow jeans and polos as part of “business casual,” and others have even looser definitions, such as mine, hence in the picture below.  It really all depends on your workplace norms.

What are some examples of Business Casual by Industry?

  • Corporate: Blazer, slacks, blouses, dresses (knee length or longer).
  • Startup: Nice jeans or khakis, blouse, skirt, or dress.
  • Casual office: Jeans or slacks, nice t-shirt or blouse, dress, skirt .



How do you wear jeans to work?

There are multiple ways you can turn your jeans into a work-appropriate attire. It all depends on you, your body shape and occupation.

  • No matter what type of jeans you wear, fitting is key! The ideal work-appropriate jeans would neither be too fit nor too loose. It’s pretty obvious that in a business environment, dad jeans would never fit in. So when buying jeans for work, make sure that you go for the right fit.
  • For days when you have nothing but your casual jeans, a well-tailored blazer can help you bring the whole outfit together.
  • No matter what you do, ripped and distressed jeans will never be appropriate for work IF you work in a professional environment. UNLESS you have a relaxed atmosphere as I do then it would be deemed appropriate. (Check out how I styled my outfit in the picture below). 
  • For times when you want a more professional look such as on a presentation day, opt for jeans with a refined dark wash instead of lighter or colorful ones with a blazer. I think the blazer is a nice touch.




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