Style Watch: How To Wear A (LBD) Little Black Dress

As the holidays quickly approach, it’s time to find that perfect LBD – little black dress that is sure to wow your family and friends!

The LBD is the one dress you should call yours. It’s iconic. Versatile. A blank canvas to flaunt your personal style. It’s an easy transition from day to night.

 Basic Style Tips for Wearing All-Black Dresses

  • To avoid a dowdier look, you can incorporate various textures of black in a single dress.
  • Pick the trendiest fabric, keeping in mind the season.
  • Black color offers a slimming effect so make sure that your little black dress is in form-fitting and body hugging style.
  • Be bold while choosing your fashion accessories. Look for the most dazzling jewelry, it could be anything from metallic pieces to elegant pearls.
  • For adding colors, opt for vibrantly hued stiletto heels.
  • For your lips, a fresh shade of pink is suitable for daytime. And for night, be more glamorous with some rosy red shade.


This past week I did a feature called, “Three days of LBD” showcasing different ways to rock your “little black dress” for the holidays. Check out how I styled my little black dress of the past three days below.

Day One: “Three days of LBD” –

Jazz up your LBD with a Cheetah print vest ?. If you’re anything like me, you have a LBD that you love to wear. The beauty of the LBD is the outfit possibilities are endless.


Cheetah Vest

Cheetah Vest

Cheetah Vest


Day Two: “Three days of LBD” –

Sometimes less is more. Rock your LBD with your favorite signature jewelry and bright lipstick.


Day Three: “Three days of LBD “

Rock your LBD with a stylish cape. Capes are the perfect holiday piece. They are so comfy and elegant… what more could a girl ask for?! As you can see, the LBD is probably one of the most important staple pieces for every girl’s closet. Happy shopping!!


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