Wanderlustin’: My Trip to Cartagena, Colombia!


Today marks a year that I took a trip to the beautiful country Cartagena, Colombia!

When I was first approached by my friend about going on this trip for her 30th birthday, I was a little nervous.

Normally when you hear of Colombia you instantly think of Pablo Escobar,

the feuding drug cartels and cocaine trade.

Then of course my Dad scared the life out of me by telling me all of these stories and how

HE would never go there, it was too dangerous.

Oh, let’s not forget to mention I started to watch the Narcos series on Netflix.

So, at this point I’m torn. But I put my big girl panties on and said hey

YOLO (you only live once) let’s get it let’s go!

The only way to get over this fear of Colombia is to educate myself.

I needed to travel there and get first hand experience!  And I must say, I’m glad I went with my gut!

I had a fantastic time in Colombia!

I went with my friend Jada D. Davis’ travel group, The Global Intent, a premier black millennial travel group.

We the travelers, are known as “The Crew,” and we all come from very diverse backgrounds.

 The Global Intent is an exclusive travel group specializing in global volunteerism from

the Black Millennial perspective.

Now, I must say everything was planned out to the T.

We had an AMAZING tour guide named, Alex Rocha who took us to see the

touristy parts of Colombia as well as the inner city.

We saw ‘La Popa’ Monastery and Church, and the ‘San Felipe’ castle- fortress built on San Lazaro hill.

Most important we “the crew” had a day of service with our tour guide Alex.

As stated earlier, the travel group The Global Intent is committed to “doing good” as part of their mission to serve,

while encouraging others to discover the world for themselves.

Alex took us to a local school in his community where we spent the day with the children

making vision boards, playing games and just talking about life.

It was so refreshing to see these young children so eager to learn!

On the last day we had an all day to Islas Del Rasario. We got a chance to chill on the beach,

go snorkeling and celebrate the life of Jada turning the big 30!

Throughout the trip we had our leisure time to relax and tour the city night life…

that was interesting to say the least. What happens in Colombia stays in Colombia, right?!

Hands down Colombia has been one of the best adult travel experiences yet!

I look forward to traveling with The Global Intent again. If you have a strong desire to travel the

world and are looking for a dope travel group visit –

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